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quasar java

The Quasar Java API supports Java 7 and 8. Clojure support is part of Pulsar, a thin wrapping layer around Quasar that is very idiomatic and. Quasar will use the exception or the annotation to determine when the JVM starts what to rewrite. So any code lacking these markings will per. The first thing to notice is how similar the Java code is to the Go code. Quasar basically imports the entire Go and Erlang programming models into Java.

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If you use the "strand" abstraction, your code doesn't even need to be aware whether it's running in a thread or a fiber -- e. Fibers can be instantiated and run just like regular threads, but rather than a few thousand of threads, a single JVM can easily run hundreds of thousands or even millions of fibers. A JMH perfasm profiling round highlights the additional cost of the real lightweight threads in Quasar related to the user stack management, due to missing native continuations in the JVM. Like other behaviors, the supervisor is a behavior that codifies and standardizes good actor practices; in this case: More info available in the Privacy Policy.


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